Automatic driving lessons in Plymouth!

Automatic driving instructor for your driving needs

*Cars detailed on this page are subject to change without prior notice.

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The car you may learn to drive in is a Peugeot 3008 AUTOMATIC. Fully Dual Controlled.

Additional Features…Fitted with ABS for your safety. Six Airbags (just in case). Power Steering for your convenience.

Air Conditioning for your comfort. This car is PETROL fueled.


An automatic car lets you concentrate on the road, not the gears.

If you’re struggling to learn to drive, you could try switching to an automatic. More and more automatic cars are being manufactured in this country, and automatic driving is definitely the way of the future.

An automatic car is much easier to start, stop, and steer. It has just two pedals (accelerator and brake) and far fewer headaches for the novice driver. The big advantage of an automatic is that there’s no clutch pedal. That means you won’t have to worry about stalling, crashing your gears, or finding the bite point. You can concentrate on the road while your car’s automatic gearbox sorts out the gear changes for you. That’s why here at DRIVE NEALE we focus on providing automatic driving lessons.

Automatics are more popular than ever. These days, most car-makers offer a good range of automatics. To make them more appealing to Europeans, the manufacturers have developed hi-tech easytronic and tiptronic gearboxes. Some industry pundits think Britain will follow in the footsteps of America, where they prefer automatics to manuals. As a result, we are proud to offer automatic driving lessons in Plymouth.

We’ve helped many nervous people around Devon pass their driving test in an automatic. With fewer mechanical distractions, they found the time to concentrate on the essentials of road sense and safe handling of the car. They gained a new sense of freedom and self-assurance.

Automatic driving school Plymouth – DRIVE NEALE.