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See what they have to say about learning to drive at DRIVE NEALE

'When I first came to Peter I had failed five manual driving tests and had been through multiple driving instructors, none of which had been a good fit for me. In comparison I found that Peter was so patient, understanding and calm with my sometimes nervous and erratic driving! Thanks to this I began to really gain confidence in my ability to pass my driving test, and at the end of my test when my examiner told me that I had passed it felt so great and I know I couldn't have done it without Peter!'

Emma Cheetham (27)
Being Autistic my family and myself were unsure as to whether I would be able to learn to drive but we knew Pete was aware of Autism so approached him and asked his opinion. Pete then said that there was no reason why he would not be able to teach me so we gave it a go. Being an automatic car meant I had less things to think about so found that it was actually much easier to get to grips with the basics than I had initially thought and Pete’s mannerism and teaching methods were very easy to get to grips with and I felt very relaxed . In my opinion if Pete can get me to pass first time he can help anyone. I would highly recommend Pete to anyone nervous about learning to drive and anybody with any form of special needs !!!! Thanks Calvin. ( First Time Pass Club )

Calvin Tucker (17)
Hi Pete just wanted to leave some feedback as to passing my test on Saturday May 11th. Thank you for all your support and patience and for making me believe in myself. I will now have so much more independence I wasn’t sure at 52 I could do it but thanks to you I have so once again a massive thank you.

Suzanne Venney (52)
Pete has been an exceptional instructor on my learning journey! He has always made me feel comfortable, eased my confidence and believed in me. Pete is very patient and understanding! I would definitely recommend Pete as a driving instructor, especially to those who lack confidence, are nervous and females who may usually feel uneasy with male drivers. I passed first time with zero minors! Thank you Pete... will miss you!

Fiona Ivey (37)
I have just passed with Pete, professional and reliable instructor, the lessons are all about you and helping you drive with confidence, a big thank you for helping me pass.

Martyn Treloar (31)
When I started with Pete at Drive Neale I was very nervous in a car and had a couple of failed attempts at learning to drive previously. Pete was a calming influence and always took the time to explain clearly, even when things didn’t always come naturally for me. He was professional throughout, provided a comfortable and safe atmosphere and I would definitely recommend to anyone who wanted to learn in an automatic. Thanks again Pete.

Jaid Bennett (28)
I have to say Peter makes you feel at ease from the moment you first meet him. I was an experienced driver in the states before starting lessons at Drive Neale but my confidence on the roads, especially roundabouts, was not there. So, I would like to say thank you so much for everything you did to help build my confidence on the roads here in the Uk and in doing so I passed my uk driving test first time around! There is enough to think about on the roads over here and switching gears was one less thing I had to worry about on the roads. I would highly recommend Drive Neale for automatic driving lessons if you are looking to pass without the added stress of shifting gears. Thanks again! xx

Laurie Bartron-Ingram (38)
Pete is calm, professional and efficient. He fills you with encouragement and confidence. Pete sticks to his word and has great time keeping skills. Your lesson is dedicated to only you meaning you have the full two hour dedicated slot. I recommend everyone who wants to learn in automatic goes with Pete. Thank you Pete for being fun and professional and getting me passed as quickly and safely as possible. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks Pete.

Jessie Artlett (24)
Could not have passed without Pete fantastic tuition and very patient. Can not say enough wonderful things about him.

Rachel Stoodley (29)